The 1914-1918 War Podcast

This is the homepage for the new The 1914-1918 War Podcast that I’ve just launched. In this podcast I will explore the history of the war  in a little more detail.

After over 4 years I’ve been covering the Great War as it happened 100 years ago. Going forward, the focus of this project will change; the day by day tweets will reduce in number after the armistice to just some notable events relating to the post war situation.

Instead, I will be producing a regular podcast show on the subject of the war. You can listen direct using the player below or search in your favourite podcast app.

The podcast is available in the major podcast libraries such as iTunes and Spotify.

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And now, it’s also on YouTube.

Finally, there’s a dedicated podcast page here… 

Thanks for listening! If you enjoy it, please leave a review and comments – this helps the show to reach a larger audience.