News from the Front

This site began nearly 10 years ago, when I began covering the Great War “as it happened” 100 years ago.

Over the intervening time, the focus of the site, and the wider project, is evolving, and will continue to evolve.

The site is evolving to include all aspects of Military History that interest me. The focus is likely to remain heavily aligned to the Great War as this is where my core interest and knowledge lies, but over time this will expand.

The wider project now includes this site, a social media presence, a podcast and a Substack newsletter, and all of these are aligning around the title “News from the Front”.

Thank you for your interest and if you want to help, there are multiple ways to support the project. Either subscribe to the Substack or the Podcast, or use one of the links to purchase things from Amazon; these directly help with this site and the associated projects.