World War 1, or The Great War, represents a cataclysmic break between the old world and the modern world.

One hundred years ago, the great nations of Europe and, ultimately, the world found themselves caught up in a conflict that each thought they could win, but none knew how to win. The resulting military, social and political upheaval changed each nation and the world forever.

Recounting the events of the Great War day by day, one hundred years after they occurred, social media live streams aim to develop the story of the war as it happened. This website acts as a permanent, less transient, base for the project and will hold longer articles. In addition, these pages will contain the archive of the day by day timeline of the war.

The material held on this website will grow over time as detailed articles on aspects of the war are added. In addition to this, source materials that have been used in the construction of this project will be examined.

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