Day: December 21, 2020

For those who haven't been able to visit #Ypres this year, some traditions still remain. The playing of the Last Post at the Menin Gate continues this year in a reduced capacity, with a festive backdrop from the streets of the city. @ToerismeIeper @StadIeper #flandersfields — Flanders Fields (@FlandersWW1) December 21, 2020 RT @FlandersWW1: […]
Dec 21 1918 #OTD In Boulogne, France Georges Chevalier takes these 102-year-old colour #autochrome photos of French #Poilu: Le soldat Bouvier, A 15 081Le soldat Peuteuil, A 15 087Le soldat Praizy A 15 078 Le soldat Boué, A 15 084 21 décembre 1918Albert-Kahn Museum — This day in WWI (@ThisDayInWWI) December 21, 2020 RT […]
This Project
Charting the daily events of World War One, this history project aims to provide a bite-sized and engaging way to follow the events of 100 years ago. Using a variety of sources, I aim to refer to the main events of the war on the centenary of their occurrence. However, it's not just about the main events, I have also taken time to research lesser known events in order to help the reader to feel engaged with the scope of the war.