Day: March 19, 2019

Map in the French newspaper Le Matin showing the ethnic divisions of eastern Europe and the Middle East. The Great Powers at the Paris Peace Conference are currently deciding the issue of postwar borders: — 100 Years Ago Today (@CenturyAgoToday) March 17, 2019 RT @CenturyAgoToday: Map in the French newspaper Le Matin showing the […]
This triple CWGC headstone in Denton Cemetery, Manchester, was an experimental pattern. The experiment never led to general production so this type is seen only in the UK, I believe. There are double-width ones and I've heard of a quadruple in Nottinghamshire but haven't seen it. — Tom Morgan (@Tomm1418) March 17, 2019 RT […]
This Project
Charting the daily events of World War One, this history project aims to provide a bite-sized and engaging way to follow the events of 100 years ago. Using a variety of sources, I aim to refer to the main events of the war on the centenary of their occurrence. However, it's not just about the main events, I have also taken time to research lesser known events in order to help the reader to feel engaged with the scope of the war.