Day: June 29, 2021

Olive May Kelso King born in Sydney, Australia on 29 June 1885. Joined the Scottish Women's Hospital Unit in France with an ambulance she purchased. Olive later went to Serbia & drove ambulances for the Serbian Medical Service. — Lucy London (@LucyLondon7) June 29, 2021 RT @LucyLondon7: Olive May Kelso King born in Sydney, […]
Legionaries of the 1st Brigade of the Polish Legions. On the right ppor. (Leutnant) Józef Blauer-Kratowicz, one of many Polish legionaries of Jewish origin, heavily wounded in the battle of Kukle (Volhynia) on 25 October 1915 and died of wounds the next day. — Marcin Parzyński (@marcin_par) June 29, 2021 RT @marcin_par: Legionaries of […]
Our collection contains thousands of photographs, postcards, drawings and paintings. We would like to give you a small taste of our image archive by showing these pictures of an abandoned Schneider tank. They have no date but were taken after April 1917. #history #firstworldwar — Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 (@MMP1917) June 29, 2021 RT […]
This Project
Charting the daily events of World War One, this history project aims to provide a bite-sized and engaging way to follow the events of 100 years ago. Using a variety of sources, I aim to refer to the main events of the war on the centenary of their occurrence. However, it's not just about the main events, I have also taken time to research lesser known events in order to help the reader to feel engaged with the scope of the war.